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When improved productivity is critical, we can help

We deliver full-service Lean continuous improvement consulting to organizations ready to raise the bar on quality and productivity across their business. With decades of local and international experience, our qualified team actively engages with organizations from start to ‘optimal operational self-efficiency’. We develop solid Lean continuous improvement strategies: we assess, plan, budget, implement, train and mentor executive teams, managers and front line staff throughout the Lean deployment. Our goal is to transform your organization to sustainable greatness.


We believe every organization can go higher and farther

Our experts teach companies to create a culture of accountability, knowledge sharing, transformation, and leadership development at every level. We help companies create an environment where improvements are ongoing and sustainable, allowing them to go higher, and go farther.


We engage teams in a new way of thinking and performing

Our commitment is to help you eliminate waste, streamline process, and increase productivity. Ultreia will mentor your company through collaborative, company-wide, continuous improvement. Your entire team will be engaged in a new way of thinking and performing that will transform your organization to one that continuously works collectively to find and implement ways to improve productivity and elevate quality.


Our mission is simple

We enable organizations to run at maximum efficiency in a self sustaining way.


What does Ultreia mean?

“Ultreia” has its roots in both the Latin and French languages; “ultra“ means to persevere and never give up. It is a song of community, recognizing that we all need each other’s help to travel farther in our journey. Ultreia means to go higher and to go father. We understand from first-hand experience that Lean helps organizations go higher and farther.


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